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Building a Solar Project on Roof?


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Are your whopping electricity bills creating stress on your profits? Cut your energy costs with rooftop photovoltaics!

Did you ever imagine that your own roofs there were so far inutile have the potential to significantly destress your costs. Yes, you read it right - green energy from your own roof-mounted PV system can help you lower electricity bills, thus boosting your product economics. For the power-guzzling industries with large factory roofs, this comes a lower hanging fruit that can be immediately plucked, and the experienced Gensol team can raise these useful solar assets within no time. We have designed and installed energy-efficient solar rooftop systems for almost all types of industries across the country – foods, packaging, baggages, textiles, chemicals, cements, electrical and piping, among others.

Get in touch with your marketing team and they will do the due diligence exercise for you, which will help you a great deal in making up your mind.  


10 Ka-dum! – A 10-step journey to build solar rooftop systems over your factory!


Step 1: Non-binding enquiry by telephone or email

In case we have been to kindle a flame of love for rooftop solar system in you, then please get in touch with us as a first step, so that we can test the eligibility of your of factory for a solar rooftop system. You can give us the following details in order to give a preliminary system design and capacity estimation to you:

  • Electricity bills for the last 3/6/12 months.

  • Google coordinates of your roof(s), preferably with roofs marked on the google maps.

  • Autocad design(s) of your roof(s).

A member of our sales team will contact you within 48 hours with an initial estimate.


You can simply send us your enquiry by E-Mail, by phone at +91 9327 016 962 (WhatsApp enabled). We will be happy to serve you!


Step 2: Site survey/detail sharing

In order to create an initial rough plan for you, we need some more information in this step. As our first priority, we will conduct a detailed site survey to understand the technical details of your site; however, in case we don’t have any available resources to arrange a survey of your site, then we would use the information supplied in the first step to design your system.

Our site engineer will carry a detailed checklist for site survey and collate all the necessary information to design the best rooftop system for you. The type of roof covering and any existing insulation as well as the location of the electrical connections are particularly important here. Our site survey engineer will focus on these important points - a precise measurement of the roof, recording the

electrical connection, identifying deposit and storage areas and clarifying if scaffolding is required. This does not mean any additional work for you. You only need to provide access to the roof areas and the utility room for the electricity connections. We take care of everything else!

Once all the data is available, our experts will then design your system.


Step 3: Project design with cost breakdown

In the third step, Gensol experts will sketch a project design that is individually tailored to your situation. The concept consists of a non-binding offer including cost breakdown, system layout and electrical planning. Throughout the entire process it is important for us to remain in close contact with you.


For this purpose, we provide you with a direct contact person from the sales team. This person will personally present the relevant design of the PV system to you in order to jointly agree on the optimum solution. You are also welcome to contact us at any time if you have any questions!


Step 4: On-site appointment for an individual consultation

Since we understand you will have queries about your designs and first-cut proposal, a member from our techno-commercial team will visit you to clarify the final technical issues.


Step 5: The final offer stage

The results of the preceding detailed planning are incorporated into the final offer within one week. You will accordingly receive an offer for a rooftop system tailored to your individual requirements with all costs - as a turnkey solution!

Have we fulfilled all your requirements? If all goes well, we will look forward to receiving your valuable order! This can be done quickly and informally - just get in touch with your personal contact person.


Step 6: Design and engineering

This is a stage where the real action happens once the project has been signed where our experienced architects take care of project design.

A team of experienced construction and electrical engineers sit together to stitch together to evolve designs that guarantee ultra-high performance by employing modules and inverters that are optimally aligned for every individual project. Detailed designs are prepared and your approvals are taken before the equipments are ordered.


Step 7: Installation & set-up of the PV system

In this step, your dedicated Project Manager mobilises the site and starts the construction of the project. For this purpose, we coordinate directly with the responsible persons at your company regarding delivery, start of installation, etc.

In doing so, we pay particular attention not to disrupt your normal business operations during the construction phase. Our project management will send your daily updates bringing out the progress traced during the day. You can also obtain detailed information on the current progress from your Project Manager.


Step 8: CEIG Inspection

Once the system has been installed and is close to being connected to the grid, our team will coordinate an inspection visit by the CEIG office. Once the inspection is complete and we have addressed all our queries put forth by the CIEG office, we are ready to commission the project and start feeding electrons into your electrical system as soon as the permission of the CEIG arrives.


Step 9: Acceptance & start-up of the energy solution

As soon as the installation of the roof system is finished, a complete functional test of the system is carried out. After the technical readiness for operation has been established, the initial start-up


Step 10: Operation and maintenance of the rooftop system

With the successful commissioning of the new solar roof system, your company is on the way to an energy-efficient future. Our operations and maintenance (O&M) team will ensure that all the committed guaranteed have been met and your deployed capital returns to you in line with your estimated timelines. Our O&M team will keep monitoring your new PV roof system and ensure a seamless operation of your system.



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